ECHO MARYI (Maria's Echo) originated as a result of reformation
and thanksgiving to God and Saint Mary Queen of Peace.

Members are:

  • Mieczyslaw Eterowicz
    - vocals & management
  • Zygmunt Ksiezakowski
    - guitar, vocals & artistic management
  • Regina Bociek - guitar, vocals
  • Beata Morka - vocals
  • Ryszard Morka - vocals
  • Hanna Olszak - viola
  • Bozena Powichrowska
    - violin, vocals
  • Andrzej Slowikowski
    - keyboards

  • The group's goal is to serve during Upper Rooms and adoration meetings devoted
    for The Blessed Virgin Mary.

    Impressed by what they have witnessed in Međugorje, the group has adapted many elements typical to the religious music performed at that sanctuary. Therefore, their repertoire features Medugorian songs, adoration canons and Marian hymns.

    Apart from their regular performances at the church in Lomianki,
    the group also plays at Sanctuary of Sorrowful Mother in Obory (once per month)
    and at Sanctuary of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in CzerwiƄsk (every first Saturday of the month,
    during Upper Room and Devotion for Rewarding to Sacred Heart of Mary services).
    Of course, the group can also be seen playing in other Marian sanctuaries, when invited.

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